Frequently Asked Questions: OPTIONS

Included in the purchase of any of the Zomia Direct "forward-gold" investments, Revolution Metals is giving 10,000 Free Options for each forward purchased ounce of Gold Bullion. There will be 2 ways to trade these options when Revolution Metals begins trading on the Australian Stock Exchange.

⦿  Convert the Options into Shares at a cost of AUD$0.10 per share irrespective of the value of the share price.

⦿  Convert the Options into Cash through selling the listed Options on the market.

When Revolution Metals Limited ("the Company") begins trading on the Australian Stock Exchange, the Options will have a value of relative to the Share Price (valued by the market) and will be tradable in the same way as the company Shares.

Revolution Metals Limited shares will beging trading on the Australian Stock Exchange at a minimum value of AUD$0.20.

Here is an example:

As an investor, you decide to buy 2.5 Ounces of Zomia Direct Forward Gold, with an included 25,000 free Options.

Six to Twelve months from your purchase, Revolution Metals Ltd's planned listing and commencement of trading, and listing of Options on the Australian Stock Exchange occurs.
The Options then become a tradable commodity, even before your forward-gold purchase is delivered.

The Option value is linked to the value of the Share price. You decided to immediately sell your Options.

You have the choice to:

⦿  Sell your Options instead of converting them to Shares. You decide to sell them at their current value on the market.

⦿  Convert your Options to Shares by buying 25,000 Shares at AUD$0.10 each, and at a discount to the value of the Share price. (remember the Options are exercisable at AUD$0.10 and the current Share price can fluctuate depending on the market.)

You now own 25,000 Shares (by using your Options at a cost of AUD$2,500.00).

⦿   Then you decide to sell your Shares on market less brokerage charges.

Then at the delivery date you still get the 2.5 ounces of Gold Bullion from your forward-gold investment delivered.