Frequently Asked Questions:

Included in the purchase of any of the Zomia Direct "forward-gold" investments, Zomia Direct's production partner Revolution Metals is giving Shares in the company for each forward purchased ounce of Gold Bullion. There are 2 ways to trade Revolution Metals shares.

⦿  Trade the shares now with other Shareholders through the realtime (24/7) Zomia Exchange.

⦿  Trade the shares on the public market when the company (Revolution Metals Ltd) lists on a public stock exchange.

When Revolution Metals Limited ("the Company") begins trading on the Australian Stock Exchange, the Shares will have a minimum value of $0.20 per share. If the Share Price on the Zomia Exchange at the time of listing is higher than $0.20, then the public exchange listing price will reflect the Zomia Exchange Share Price.

Here is an example:

As an investor, you decide to buy 2.5 Ounces of Zomia Direct Forward Gold, with the included free Shares in Revolution Metals Ltd.

The Shares issued to you free are the same value as the Gold Purchase you made, and as a Shareholder, the shares are immediately tradeable on the Zomia Exchange.

Revolution Metals Ltd's shares are a tradeable commodity, even before your forward-gold purchase is delivered.

You have the choice to:

⦿  Wait until Revolution Metals Ltd Lists on a public exchange and You decide to sell them at their current value on the public market.

⦿  Trade your Shares immediately on the Zomia Exchange with existing Shareholders.

Then at the delivery date you still get the 2.5 ounces of Gold Bullion from your forward-gold investment delivered.