Zomia Gold Direct:

What is buying gold forward?

Simply put, buying forward gold consists of an agreement between yourself and the Company to buy part of its gold production at an agreed price, to be delivered at an agreed date in the future.

This has normally only been available to investment funds, banks, International Institutions, such as insurance companies or very large investors. But through Zomia Direct the opportunity to buy gold forward is now available to Sophisticated Individual Investors.

How does it work?

As the Company produces gold, a percentage of the gold production is allocated to fulfilling the forward gold sales purchase agreements. Investor’s benefit by being able to purchase gold at a discounted price in return for future delivery. The Company benefits by using an existing asset to raise needed capital.


You are eligible to forward gold purchase:
- if you are able to afford the purchase;
- consider yourself a sophisticated or experienced investor; and
- are content with future delivery of the product that you purchase.

How can Zomia Direct afford or manage to offer you gold at the prices posted?

We know the approximate projected range in price that it will cost us to mine and produce each ounce of gold.
Therefore, based on the forecast production cost combined with the current and future forecast gold market price for the month of delivery we can calculate an appealing discount for the Accredited Investor to buy a portion of the Company’s future gold production. The price of future gold selling fluctuates according to current gold and future gold prices, month of delivery and how much gold the Company wants to sell.

How much gold are we forward selling?

We will only sell a small portion of our projected overall production to satisfy our capital costs and then we will stop. The balance of our gold production will be sold at the Company’s discretion in the future.

Your Invitation to Forward Gold Purchase

If you are a gold investor and believe as do most gold investors that gold is money, that gold is untarnished and endurable, that gold protects value and provides portfolio diversification and stability, and that the price of gold will go much higher than it currently is, then we invite you to participate in buying gold forward at a considerable discount to the gold spot price or gold futures price.