20 Ounce Gold Bar:

Item:20 Ounce Gold Bar
Metal Content (Troy Oz):19.998
Fineness (% Purity):99.99
Min. Gross Weight (g):622.080
Dimensions (mm):59 x 29 x 21
Delivery Date:Sunday, September 15, 2019
Origin:Perth Mint (Australia)
Current Price (AUD):$34,363.66 ($1,718.36 oz)
Foward Sale Price:AUD $28,000.00

With the current Gold Price at $1,718.36, the saving by buying direct from Zomia Gold Direct is ($6,363.66) per unit.

In addition to exceptional saving off the current Gold Price, this offer includes 350,000 free shares at $0.08. These shares can be traded on ZOMIA GOLD DIRECT and are convertable to publicly available stock following the company's Initial Public Offering (IPO), effectively doubling your investment.